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Welcome To 21st Century Calibrations Inc.

Where We Bring The Complete Movie Theater Experience To Your Home.

So your asking yourself, what is Audio and Video Calibration and why is it so important? 
Consider this scenario.
You have just invested your hard earned money to purchase the Home Theater of your dreams.  Understandably you expect it to offer the best sound and most accurate and brilliant picture imaginable, considering what you just invested.  And, so far you're pleased.

That is until you visit a friend who recently purchased a similar system and your blown away by how much better it sounds and how much the picture just grabs your attention.  It's like being a part of the TV show, movie or sporting event your watching.

How can this be?  Your system is almost the same as your friends if not better, yours has to be you spent more.

The answer lies with Professional Audio and Video Calibration.  Your friend had his Home Theater System professionally calibrated by 21st Century Calibrations Inc. and you didn't.
No matter how much you have spent or how simple to complex your Home Theater System is, it's not as good as it could be until you have it professionally calibrated by 21st Century Calibrations Inc.

Here are a few of the benefits from a Professionally Calibrated TV, Projector or Video Display:

  • Display a sharper focused, full resolution image.
  • Show full detail in the darkest and lightest parts of all scenes.
  • Properly matched to your video system and viewing environment.
  • Maintain accurate color balance at all picture light levels.
  • Produce a full range of accurate colors, including flesh tones, grass, sky, and sports jerseys.
  • Have a cinema theater "film look."
  • Minimize picture artifacts and distortion.
  • Easier on your eyes.
  • Increases the life of your TV.
  • Watch your favorite TV show, Movie, Sporting event the way it was meant to be seen.

Here are a few of the benefits from a Professionally Calibrated Audio Sound System:

 •   Intelligible dialogue.
 •   Life like clarity.
 •   Subtle details at low volume.
 •   Full, smooth sound which envelopes you.
 •   No rattles from pipes or pictures on the wall.
The new digital transition is here don't you and your Home Theater deserve to get the best.
For more info about Audio and Video Calibration check out "What Is Video Calibration" and "What Is Audio Calibration" don't forget to check out the "Before & After Photos".
Serving all of Oregon and Washington.  We are located just 12 miles East of Portland towards Troutdale.